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Detriment Call Macro

edited October 2018 in ACT Plugin Discussion

Creates /do_file_commands macro files with social text warnings about players being afflicted with certain effects.

This is a replacement of the Mana Sacrifice Macro plugin as it is configurable to use any spell and can be used with emotes with configurable sound options and saved export formatting.

In the export channel, do not add a slash to the beginning of the command. Also numbered chat channels may not work in macros as numbers are not EQ2 commands... they are replaced by the client as you type. So instead use tc or tellchannel... as in "tellchannel channelname", as the command.


Changes for v1.3.1.8:
Added checkbox options for showing the output file/channel in the live export window along with a numeric option for export visibility duration. Added a button which will trigger a random detection of the currently selected effect.

Changes for v1.3.0.6:
Supports XML Share Snippets, live export window now shows 15s of exports instead of one, live window's colors and font can be changed.

Changes for v1.2.0.5:
You may now enter a custom export file to use instead of detriment.txt, per definition. In the export formatting, the {2} will echo the name of the player afflicted like {0} but will also include the group number: "Playername(G2)". This requires you type /whoraid every time the raid composition changes and there must be no gaps in G1-G3 or else it will detect wrong. A 24 player raid will have no gaps, obviously.

Changes for v1.1.0.2:
Custom TTS now can use {0}/{1} variables like the export formatting does.
Added a "topmost" window that shows the last export and how long ago it was.
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