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error code 503

so when i try to get the pluggin for the ffxiv startup wizard when i first open act i get an error it wont work. wont let me use it. the remote server returned   an error (503):server unavailible. i had it workign before but i was trying to get a different overlay. now this isnt working im nto really a big computer guy and i googled  it before and got a reddit thread says "Deleted C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Advanced Combat Tracker\FFXIV_ACT_PLUGIN.config

Re-enabled the plugin in ACT." now i cant find this on my pc. i looked for it to no avail. ive been working on thsi for few hours just would like some sort of help. i deleted and reinstalled like 50 times. 



  • The ACT website will block you from downloading the same exact file from the server more than 10 times in a two hour period.  When you reach this limit, you will get a 503 Service Unavailable error until such time as your first downloads start expiring.

    Downloading the same file 10 times in a row won't help any situation, please don't do it.  Just go to the Plugins tab and disable/enable or use the [x] button to remove it from the listing and the [Browse...] button to re-add it.
  • thank you so much. i didnt know that was a thing. im sorry 
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