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Parsing Plugin - Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV)

Parsing plugin for Final Fantasy XIV. -ravahn-
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  • Just a gentle reminder that a new patch released today. Missing ACT already. <3 Thanks for all your hard work!
  • Ravahn mentioned he wanted to make a release today.  There were some tricky changes.

    I'm sure he'll upload it to the usual place once he's ready.
  • (sorry btw for the bad english)
    i get everytime when i start act the message, that there is an updated version of the ffxiv parsing plugin. i download the new version, cut and paste in the pathfile where act is installed. and next time when i start act i get the same message. is it an error or maybe the wrong file was uploaded?
  • edited May 2019
    The plugin should offer to download and install the update for you.

    If you're downloading the update from the website for some reason... and you download a ZIP file, please extract the ZIP file to the old plugin's location and remember to unblock the DLL.  (Web browsers set a flag on downloads you need to undo)

    The plugin update system is based on the time, not the version.  If the plugin was downloaded after the newest version on the update server, it will not offer an update.  If you're not overwriting the plugin, it will see the old timestamp and offer a newer one.

    Since you might be extracting a ZIP file, it's possible the timestamp is taken from the file inside of the ZIP.  If your timezone is far ahead of the update server, it may not see the ZIP file version as newer.  Normally ACT when extracting the ZIP file will not use the original file timestamp... which again is why letting ACT update is best.
  • update via act isnt arrivable. idk why. im from europe ^^ maybe this help. timestamp is 27.05.19 with 14:52 o'clock (02:52 p.m.)

  • (i start act everytime as admin, firewall access etc)
  • Supposedly being admin should allow Program Files to be writable... but it's not really normal for plugins to be there, so I'm not sure.

    Normally plugins go in %APPDATA%\Advanced Combat Tracker\Plugins.
  • normaly it works. got the path there xD
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