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ACT TTS delay comes before or after an update?

so i'm not sure whats wrong and i don't change anything but whenever an update is available the TTS just has a huge delay and i don't know why and it has happened several times. it was working fine a few weeks ago and now its happening and i don't know how to fix it. i tried reinstalling everything and it didn't help 


  • I'm honestly having trouble following what you're saying.  The TTS engine doesn't change for an unrelated update nor do the few components that use it.

    To begin with, by default ACT does not use TTS.  There are various things that could use it, but I have no idea what you have enabled... so I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Some TTS may be instant due to an ACT GUI event, which is the real test of delay or some TTS could come from Custom Triggers which depending on what the user has done may be overburdening for their system and it cannot keep up with the game log.  Or maybe some plugin is using TTS and then there's no guarantee on how the plugin author implemented it.

    There is a Custom Trigger benchmark designed to indicate if the user supplied triggers are too inefficient to be usable, but I have no idea if you're using any.

    In the end, it depends on what is triggering the TTS.
  • I'm seeing more and more plugins that are completely replacing ACT's sound engine and TTS engine, so I'm not even sure where things stand with most people that report issues.

    As a diagnosis step, I suggest disabling all plugins, restarting ACT, then using the Custom Triggers tab to test TTS.  This way we can at least be sure that it's ACT and Windows we're dealing with and not a 3rd party plugin I've never used that has replaced the engine.

    As an extra step to reduce known latency even more, go to Options -> Sound Settings and click Use Windows API Sound.

    With no plugins and Windows API sound, the latency of TTS should be at minimum and you can start enabling things to see if they individually have an effect.
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