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Issue with triggering via combat end since ACT patch


I am using ActGlobals.oFormActMain.OnCombatEnd (?) to trigger a method to handle some parse data.

The relevant code:

ActGlobals.oFormActMain.OnCombatEnd += ActGlobals_OFormActMain_OnCombatEnd;

Ever since the latest update (, this method isn't triggering. Any help is appreciated. I can provide more information if needed. Thanks.


  • It sort of reminds me of this thread...

    I couldn't reproduce their issue and the thread died. I'll try this specific event again, but I'm guessing I won't be able to reproduce.

  • edited January 2019
    Okay. Thanks for your fast response, Aditu. I'll go over that thread.

    To clarify, it was working flawlessly, until after the patch.
  • Same thing.  Can't reproduce.

    using Advanced_Combat_Tracker;
    using System;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    namespace ActPlugin
    	public class CombatEndPlugin : IActPluginV1
    		Label lblPluginStatus;
    		public void InitPlugin(TabPage pluginScreenSpace, Label pluginStatusText)
    			lblPluginStatus = pluginStatusText;
    			lblPluginStatus.Text = "Started.";
    			ActGlobals.oFormActMain.OnCombatEnd += OFormActMain_OnCombatEnd;
    		private void OFormActMain_OnCombatEnd(bool isImport, CombatToggleEventArgs encounterInfo)
    			ThreadInvokes.ControlSetText(ActGlobals.oFormActMain, lblPluginStatus, DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString());
    		public void DeInitPlugin()
    			ActGlobals.oFormActMain.OnCombatEnd -= OFormActMain_OnCombatEnd;
    			lblPluginStatus.Text = "Stopped";

  • Okay. Well, thank you so much for looking into it. It's an issue with my code then. I'll sort it out.
  • There's only so many ways to do the code... so I imagine it's more to do with environment.  Like *.cs vs *.dll plugin.  Inside Visual Studio vs outside.
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