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If you are running a version of Windows before Windows 10 and when downloading/updating get a message similar to, "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."... please install a newer version of the .NET Framework from Microsoft. Vista can only use v4.6. Others should install the newest available, like v4.8.

ACT doesn't support Directx9 ffxiv ?! please HELp!! </3

So last few  days my logs on the fflogs website show the fights as trash fights
and that's due after contacting fflogs admins for me using dx9 and not dx11

i can't play / raid using dx11 at all my laptops ia potato please can ACT update and be compatible for dx9 users 
i won't be able to upload my parses anymore to analyse it and improve 

the act works fine but the logs can't be uploaded anymore due to me using dx9 pls any solution or update act </3

the game is : Final Fantasy XIV


  • I think you have some things backwards based on your description.

    It sounds like it's this 3rd party website that doesn't support DirectX9... you say yourself that everything else works fine.  Not that I honestly know whether or not dx9 is specifically supported... that's a question for Ravahn, not myself.

    No update of ACT will fix your problem.  You will need to bring the issue up with Ravahn, the author of the FFXIV parsing plugin.  You can find his issue tracker here:

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