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EQ2: Is there a way to get ACT to parse damage a toon does to itself?

With some of the new abilities, toons can do significant damage to themselves. As a healer, it's nice to know what the incoming damage, from all sources, I'm having to deal with.


  • Essentially it's something built into the EQ2 parsing plugins to clean up a lot of weird things in EQ2.  For example, summoners siphoning power from their pets would create false encounters constantly during downtime.  Summoners would typically name their pets after themselves, so the idea was to block self-damage from being parsed.  Otherwise, damaging yourself wasn't a valid way to assign DPS credit either.  The health rift between players and mobs was not always so gigantic.

    If you really want to, you can modify the plugin to include the damage normally.

    /* Line 542 */
        if (attacker == victim || attacker == petSplit.Replace(victim, "$2"))
            break;      // You don't get credit for attacking yourself or your own pet
        if (skillType == "Traumatic Swipe")
            ActGlobals.oFormSpellTimers.ApplyTimerMod(attacker, victim, skillType, 0.5F, 30);
        if (ActGlobals.oFormActMain.SetEncounter(time, attacker, victim))
            AddDamageAttack(attacker, victim, skillType, (int)SwingTypeEnum.NonMelee, critical, critStr, special, damageAndTypeArr, time, gts);
    You can find these //comment tags and delete the if and break lines where it checks if the attacker and victim are the same.  There's like 11 in total.
  • edited February 2019
    Would there be a way I could add an exception to the ignore damage to self list for a few specific arts?
    The 'art' I'd like to watch is called Tormented Visage. It's a clickable proc that, allegedly, does 30% max health on activation and then 10% max health every 2 secs. That's not a big deal for my druid, but I'm curious how it's hitting the wards on my shaman.
  • I suppose you could replace the break with something like the second line:
    if (attacker == victim || attacker == petSplit.Replace(victim, "$2"))
        if (new List<string>() { "Tormented Visage", "Skill2" }.Contains(skillType) == false) break;      // You don't get credit for attacking yourself or your own pet

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