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If you are running a version of Windows before Windows 10 and when downloading/updating get a message similar to, "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."... please install a newer version of the .NET Framework from Microsoft. Vista can only use v4.6. Others should install the newest available, like v4.8.

SlimDX XAudio2 Implemenation

edited August 2018 in ACT Plugin Discussion
A replacement sound engine for ACT based on SlimDX's XAudio2 implementation.  This plugin will allow you to select different audio devices for ACT and amplify sounds over 100% volume.

To use this you must download and install the SlimDX End User Runtime.
Original thread via Way Back Machine.

SlimDX End User packages:
Some Windows Update broke a lot of Microsoft Installer packages.  If one of the above does not work, try another.

Changes for v1.1.0.2
Added compatibility for January 2012 runtimes.  Fixed crash when changing audio devices during active audio playback.
Download Link (or use the Get Plugins button in ACT)
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