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FFXIV plugin parse mode

So i recently downloaded ACT and install everything and allowed permission thru my firewall.  But when i change my parse mode from network to WinPCap network i get the follow error in parser messages
ERROR:    at Machina.RawPCap.pcap_findalldevs(IntPtr& alldevsp, StringBuilder errbuff)
ERROR:    at Machina.RawPCap.GetAllDevices()
ERROR:    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
ERROR:    at Machina.RawPCap.GetAllDevices()
ERROR:    at Machina.RawPCap.Create(UInt32 localAddress, UInt32 remoteAddress)
ERROR:    at Machina.TCPNetworkMonitor.UpdateSockets()
ERROR: Invalid Line type    at Machina.TCPNetworkMonitor.Run(Object state)|104ee0d47789f4c01badbb98ab29e34f
can anyone enlighten me about what i need to do to fix this?



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