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Anthem Damage Tracker/Calculator

Hey guys,

I was trying to track down and Anthem Damage Calculator but the game just released a week ago. I cam across your website on reddit and read that you guys were great at tracking damage numbers and dps for raid teams in games. Would you be interested in doing something like this for Anthem. Anthem hasa  ton of builds and obviously you would need access to the API but I may be able to make that happen.


  • You can sort of think of ACT as base program that you(someone) tell how to interpret text files.  Various plugins exist for different games to parse their text combat logs.  Since I played EQ2, I made several of the plugins for that game which had very good log file generation.

    Occasionally, games won't create log files at all and plugin authors get much more creative and use network packet sniffing and process memory reading to create log files for ACT to read.  Obviously this is fairly difficult in comparison, but it was done for FFXIV.

    I don't know much about Anthem, but I assume that it will be in the latter category.  Meaning that the game designers never intended for it to be analyzed as such.  Often the game EULA will prohibit reverse engineering of the game, but sometimes the unofficial stance is they ignore it and do not ban anyone.  Each game developer will have a different stance on this.

    Typically the most motivated to make a game plugin is someone who plays the game.  Considering the game's age, it might be too early to find many in that category.  Feel free to figure out what the game displays in-game for damage numbers and if there's any possibility of exporting that outside of the game.  Without that, you have to reach in and pull it out, which requires a much more technical expertise and possible legal issues.
  • Thank you. A lot of this is way over my head but I'll start looking into figuring this out.
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