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Missing Custom Triggers

edited February 2019 in General ACT Discussion
Recently returned to playing  EQ2 after a lengthy hiatus, and I've had this issue in the past, but can't remember how I used to fix it.

Been playing fine last few weeks and adding new triggers as needed. Last night I fired up ACT and it's acting like a fresh install. Custom Triggers and Spell Timers are blank and promoting me to select plugin, log file etc.

I've found the appdata folder and copied a backup config, but every time I restart ACT it seems to be wiping over the top of that config with a blank one.

Any help would be gratefully received!



  • Well, I can try giving you some instructions to try and see what's going on and/or fix it...

    Presumably there's something wrong with the file that ACT tries to read at start up... so we'll try to have it generate a good one from the backup itself instead of manually.

    So, load ACT normally.

    In the Options tab, go to Configuration Import/Export and load a backup configuration that looks good by the file size/date.

    In the AppData Config folder, delete your current Advanced Combat Tracker.config.xml file.

    Now close ACT normally.

    A new .config.xml file should replace the one you just deleted seconds ago.  If not, there's something wrong with your system that I can't really help with.  If so, then maybe ACT was having trouble overwriting the file you were able to delete.
  • Perfect instructions, thank you. That fixed it for me.
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