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Can't get EQ2 Parsing Working

I have my log file chosen, i have the act plugin installed. I have the Mini Parse window open and I have also tried to use the main button just to see if it's actually parsing. The Miscellaneous section where it shows that i have the right log file chosen is updating as I fight  with new positions like "At position 138,435" then a second later "At position 143,594" so it's clearly reading the file. 

Screenshot showing the log file is loaded:

Screenshot showing I definitely have the plugin installed:

Screenshot showing that even after combat the Main tab never updates with anything:

Screenshot showing there is definitely  combat in the log file itself:

I'm sure i'm doing something wrong, but i dont know what.


  • I finally figured it out, apparently I had to run ACT in administrator mode... who knows why since the app shouldn't really require it. One thing left though is, is there a way to merge pets/etc damage into my own? IE as a Necro I have my Vampiric Orb that i would rather not show

  • One of your screenshots shows a UI element added by the FFXIV parsing plugin.  Please do not have more than one parsing plugin enabled at the same time for any reason.  I would go so far as to say it would be a good idea to restart ACT after disabling other plugins as well.

    As for the rest of it, it already should...

    As long as ACT can detect your name from the log filename, it should work for yourself as well.
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