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If you get a message similar to, "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."... please install a newer version of the .NET Framework from Microsoft. Vista can only use v4.6. Others should install the newest available, like v4.8.

Is it possible to utilize the cool plugins I see for FFXIV / ACT in other games?

I have seen some absolutely wicked plugins with the color themes and overlay plugin that changes the way the mini overlay works. Why do those plugins not work, i would assume they pull the api for the encounter dps / etc. They obviously pull extra stuff that the parsing plugin provides but i would expect at least a little bit of it to be global.


  • If you're having trouble with them, I can only assume that some of the data they gather is from the parsing plugin directly... and in absence of that data, it ends up in a situation it wasn't designed for and breaks.  If they had any interest in doing so, they could probably modify things slightly to omit the missing data instead of breaking, but perhaps that interest is lacking.

    I don't play FFXIV and I don't host, support or even review a lot of the plugins I see going around... so I really can't tell you much more.  You would have to ask the plugin authors directly if there's a reason their plugins would break in absence of the FFXIV plugin or game process.
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