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If requesting help, make sure to mention what game you are attempting to use ACT with.
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How can one create/suggest a parser for a game not supported?

I would really love if ACT worked for other games that didn't have mod support or parsing support.

The game I really want ACT to work for is one called Aura Kingdom. I'd really love to see the damage of my parties and such. Is it acceptable for me to suggest to someone if this can be done or figure out how to do so on my own?


  • Primarily, ACT is designed for games that choose to offer combat logs outside of the game.  It does not have any capabilities built-in to get around such a requirement.

    That said, the FFXIV game does not offer any such thing.  The parsing plugin's author reads the process memory and decodes the network traffic to pass the relevant data to ACT's normal system.  Doing such is, by the way, against the game EULA... but no one enforces it.

    Doing it in such a hackish way requires a huge dedication as it requires fixing every patch and normally only dedicated players of the game would care enough.
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