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I can start act no problem before my raid starts in EQ2. It updates fine and starts ok.

I have then to go to custom triggers to select the ascensions i am using, it never remembers what i am and during the raid i hear some triggers for other ascensions. The real problems start if i try look at my performance after a named fight. if i hover over the act icon in the task bar and then move the cursor over the window thumbnail that opens it brings the window forward temporarily and i can see the info but not inter act with it at all. If I bring act forward as the main window it just stops responding and I have to close ACT and reboot it so I can never see how I`ve performed over the whole raid.

I have an intel i5 6500 cpu @3.2 GHz with 8GB memeory and it is run off my SSD hard disk I have an Nvida geforce GT 710 

Please could some one help with a reinstall and settings for eq2 I have tried deleting the program and reinstallint multiple times but I still have the same issues so maybe it me not doing something i should. All my raid friends use act and no one seems to have this issue



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    Over the years, I've heard of something like this a couple times.  But it's never been reproducible for me and if anyone has ever fixed it, they didn't mention how.

    The only things I can suggest to try are dumb things like somehow repairing a .NET Framework install on older OSes or running sfc /scannow in the hopes that it also can repair .NET problems.

  • I would like to try you suggestion but the link you made to sfc/scannow doesnt work. If you could resend the link or point me to the right web site i will try this 
  • It is not a link.  It is something you type into an admin elevated command terminal or run dialog.

  • Thank you i have done the scan and it did find some corrupt files and says it repaired them. I wont know if this has solved the act problem until tomorrow night.

    Would you recommend deleting and reinstalling ACT or see what the repair has done ?

    I do appreciate the time you are taking to help me 
  • Reinstalling ACT shouldn't really accomplish anything unless you tell it to delete all of your settings in the process.  It's possible some rare combination of settings causes this and keeping most things at default would help.
  • The scan and repair seem to have fixed the problem. Last night i could bring the window to the front and look at the history of fights. it seems to work well now.

    Thank you so much for your time and advice  greatly appreciated

  • Well! I am sorry to report that on friday ACT went back to its normal ways and became as it was before. So I did the scan again and it turned up nothing wrong.

    Now though once it has parsed the first named it stops working altogether with no error message that i have seen (that maybe because its working in the background ).

    Where do i go from here please?

  • I guess all I have left are questions about your usage behavior... which would only prompt me to suggest changing said usage.

    if you ever minimize the application...
    if you ever use the tray icon options...
    if the mini-parse window works...
    if the game is exclusive full-screen, borderless window full-screen, etc...
    if you've changed any ACT performance settings...
  • I don`t as such minimise the program I just have it open as it at boot up behind my eq2 window 
    I haven't use the try icon options it is basically just as installed from download except for adding the triggers.
    I don`t use the mini parsa window didnt even know there was one 
    I run the game in windowed mode fullscreen so that the task bar shows
    I don`t think iv`e changed any settings in proformance 

    I have changed the settings that you see in Neonax`s thread ( he is in the same class and raid force as I am, If you think it inadvisable to change these setting please let me know 
    It is so frustrating and I am sure that when we stumble on what wrong it will be something simple. 
  • Essentially what the issue sounds like in technical terms is that the main UI thread is blocking.  Meaning, it's trying to do something and not letting the GUI refresh/repaint/listen to inputs/etc.  Why it's getting stuck for a rare number of people like you, I can't say.
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