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Similar spells and call outs doubling up. FFXIV example

So, im new to this but not sure what im doing wrong. So i have my 2 triggers with regular expressions You cast Miasma. and You cast Miasma II. when i use the 2nd spell it triggers the first. is there a way to deal with this? i dont want to trigger You cast Miasma. when i trigger You cast Miasma II. also even though i click Do not use DoT ticks, only restart it constantly repeats the callout if i use the skills a few times in a row.

1) how do i handle spells that contain other spells names
2) how do i stop the trigger repeating callouts on a spell that can be cast 3 times in a row?


  • Okay, i think i worked out number 2. it doesn't seem to be happening anymore after i put on Restrict timers to a "white list" with "You" as the restricted
  • and looks like i got 1 sorted too. added " " around the spell and now i dont have that issue anymore. yay.

    Good job on this program Dev/s? 
  • The problem with your two examples is that a period is a reserved character for regular expressions meaning "one of any character". 

    So the regex, You cast Miasma.
    Matches, You cast Miasma.
    And matches, You cast Miasma II.

    The "one of any character" matches the period in #1 and the space in #2.

    To tell regular expressions that you actually mean a period, use backslash-period.  \.
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