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If you are running a version of Windows before Windows 10 and when downloading/updating get a message similar to, "Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel."... please install a newer version of the .NET Framework from Microsoft. Vista can only use v4.6. Others should install the newest available, like v4.8.

Can not get ACT to work correctly with network parsing.

I have installed ACT, downloaded the update versions, downloaded the latest plugin in. I use ESET security which disables my windows firewall. I have added rules allowing ACT to run through ESET. When i run the test game connection i get the failed firewall message and then the failed run ACT as admin message. I always run ACT as admin. I am not sure what else to do. I have installed several times in different locations. 

Any help would be appreciated


  • My initial guess is that whatever you are telling your 3rd party firewall is not enough to give the kind of access the FFXIV plugin wants.

    Network parsing requires something called promiscuous mode which means that the program is not reading data that is directed to it, but it is reading all network data being sent and received by that computer and possibly more.  99% of programs will never need to do this sort of thing so telling your firewall that ACT is trusted might not be enough to allow this kind of activity.

    My suggestion is to disable that firewall completely and see if it then works or not, then base your next steps on that bit of diagnosis.

    I have no suggestion about the warnings about not being run as admin.  I have never played FFXIV thus really used the plugin, so I cannot provide real support.
  • Hank I have used ACT for a few years and the recent FFXIV patch has cause nothing to show on the overlay. I'm in the same boat.
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