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How to delete a result tab in custom trigger?

I am using ACT custom trigger to log Eureka NM(Notorios Mob) spawns in FFXIV.
The logging process works fine but there are two problems that I am still unable to resolve.

(1) Don't know why but sometimes ACT added new tabs of exact same name, instead of using existing tab, therefore creating multiple result tabs with exactly same tab name.

(2) Including duplicated tabs, how do I delete tabs that are no more needed? 


  • edited May 2019
    When you check the Add Results Tab setting, it will create a new tab for that custom trigger.  The name is purely cosmetic and if multiple triggers have the same name, there will be multiple tabs with the same cosmetic name.  If you want to remove a tab, uncheck that box and click Add/Edit to save.

    The only situation I've seen where tabs are orphaned is when importing a config XML that replaces all triggers.  The tab cleanup mechanism doesn't work in that case, but a restart of the program will rebuild the tabs properly.

    If you have a need/desire to have multiple triggers use the same results tab, I would suggest you merge the triggers themselves.  Not only would this clean up your tabs, but it would reduce the processing overhead of having more individual triggers.

    If your regular expression doesn't already have match branching used already, merging them is a simple as putting them together with pipe characters.

    Becomes "regex1|regex2|regex3".

    The only drawback I can think of is if you use many capturing groups in the regex that get split out into columns in the results tab.  There may be columns showing for each merged regex instead of them sharing the columns.  Using named capture groups should fix that.
  • Hi EQAditu, thank you very much for the prompt advice.

    Everything is good now thanks to your explanation on how the tab works.
    I had multiple triggers in the same category with the same result tab name therefore causing the tab duplication. Didn't know the tab names are cosmetic.

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