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how to make my act show more than 4 ppl

cant get my act to show more than 4 ppl. help!!!!


  • You're going to need to be a lot more specific.  What game?  Where are you seeing the four to begin with?  Is it always four, or less/more sometimes?
  • the game is eq2 and i only see the 4 ppl when i paste it into the game

  • The EQ2 client will not allow you to have more than ~250 text characters in a chat box.  It will stop allowing you to type or paste at that point.

    Your main two options are: to alter the text format so it shows a smaller amount of text per person, by shortening the name or the format of the numbers; or by having ACT export the list of characters to a text file and using EQ2's /do_file_commands command to execute the text file to have it appear in chat.

    Both of these options are in the Options -> Output Display -> Text Export Settings.

  • that didnt help

  • You really need to work on giving more information if you want anyone to ever help you with technical things.  At this point, all I can say is that whatever you did was incomplete or incorrect.  Both of the options have the capability of helping by some amount.  The latter option has the capability of sending at minimum 16 lines of 200 characters each.  Far more than you'd plausibly use.
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