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Ascension Combo Plugin and Ethershadow Assassin

This plugin is a wonderful addition to gameplay, but there's 1 little annoyance that I'm wondering if there's a work around for.

Ethershadow Assassin seems to repeat for quite a long time once the Surge trigger happens.  If you don't cast it, it just keeps calling for it for what seems like the entire duration of Brittle Armor.  

Is this correct, or is there a way to prevent ACT from repeating itself for 20 + seconds?


  • Brittle Armor II added a DOT.

    In the ACT Plugins tab, go to the AscensionCombos.cs tab, Combos tab, and enter 25 for DOT2 in the Brittle Armor section.
  • Thank you for the help.  It's much appreciated.
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