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my englisch is not the best, so i hope you understand me XD

i use the act since a few month, but at all time, i cant see the healing pars.
in the column Overheal Pct and ENCH HPs is ERROR. you can see it at the picture. i dont know what i did wrong.
act is in the whitelist, is start is at admin, its up to date, i have the same option like a friend, and he see the overheal.

i hope you can help me, than as a healer, its nice to know how much i healed :)



  • The error looks like it's a screenshot of the graph.  The KeyNotFoundException is interesting.

    The error means that the name of the column it is trying to graph by doesn't exist in the data it can see.  Normally this shouldn't happen.  Do other graphs like damage instead of healing work?

    This is a random thought, but you might be able to fix it by resetting the column names.  The following button(#3) will do it:

  • edited June 2018
    I Try it, bujt it´s the same. Other Column did work, but only heal not.

  • Hmm, the real problem isn't what the graph is trying to take data from.  The problem is that the table is getting bad data.  Clicking that defaults button will remove any column that doesn't exist for your game plugin, but it displays "ERROR" in the table cell anyways.

    It will display ERROR in the table cell when instead of getting data, an exception is thrown... but some of your columns work fine.

    I don't play FFXIV, so I feel a little lost in what to suggest next.  I may not be able to help, even with this suggestion... but I'd be willing to glance at your ACT logs to see if anything appears wrong to me.  The easiest way would be to send me a feedback in the About tab.  Make sure to check the box for sending logs and write in the message something that will catch my attention.  :)
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