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triggers' white list bugged ? (V3.2.2 252)


I'm tying to use Custom Triggers, the triggers list is now really big. so i try to reduce this list by using "white list". Unfortunatly it seems to don't work, "Restrict timers to a white list" checked (or not).

I assume the ACT version is v3.2.2 252, cause the parser plugin don't work with higher version.

My question is, triggers' white list is bugged in this version ?



  • Custom Triggers and Spell Timers are completely different features.  Restricting a Spell Timer to a whitelist has nothing to do with Custom Triggers.

    The only filtering that Custom Triggers have is the Restrict to Category Zone checkbox.  If you are currently in the zone that the Category is named after, the filter will allow the restricted triggers that are blue.  They will turn red or green depending on if they are allowed.

    If you want to manually disable a Custom Trigger, uncheck the box next to it and it will turn red.
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