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ACT last version + Windows 10 May Update = Memory leak


Since the automatic update of windows 10 May Update (last version of windows 10), I can't use ACT ... I don't know but after 10-20 min, ACT uses all the remaining memory on my PC... I need to kill ACT Process and restart ACT ... I have this bug with the last version of ACT and the older too and only with the last version of windows 64.

I'm using ACT with FF14.

Can you help me plz ? thx for your help !


  • edited July 2019
    Unfortunately, I can't say what is and what is not normal memory usage for FFXIV.
    If you were to start ACT fresh, go to the Import/Export tab and import an entire day's worth of logs... how much memory does ACT use?  And how large is the log file that you're importing?
    For example, a full day of EQ2 raiding with a 190MB log file will end up adding 1300MB of memory used when imported.  This is just a consequence of storing and converting the data.

  • Unfortunately I'm not in a position to diagnose or even test this happening as I don't play FFXIV.  Reporting the issue here will also have limited success as the plugin author primarily uses his discord server and gets plenty of feedback from it.
  • Hello, thx for your help yesterday ... I found my problem with windows 10 and ACT :D
    My OverlayPlugin was too old ;)
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