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ACT keeps talking.

My wife's installation of ACT does this, but mine doesn't.  We have the same plugins installed and enabled, but hers constantly reads out in-game text that pops up in green.  For example, the RAINBOW message that comes up in Airie.  

Is there a setting I'm missing, or is this some orphaned plugin that's running in the background?  I'd hate to have to reinstall ACT and then get all of the triggers reimported....


  • I don't think the base plugin does anything special with triggers.  So, there's base ACT triggers and then there might be any number of plugins that you might have with a different configuration for triggers.  There isn't really a way to know what part of ACT is actually making sound.

    If you think you have the same plugins... then it must be the configurations.
  • It's not a custom trigger.  Every time you get an announcement type message in an instance, ACT reads it off.  The only one I really remember off hand is the one you get when you kill the static mob to activate the rainbow bridge circles to get access to the next to last names in Midnight Airie.  I remember that because it reads out the hexadecimal values for each color of each letter in rainbow.  I know there are many others for various mobs and events.  Just wish I could find it so I could turn it off for her.
  • What you describe is, to me, the very definition of a custom trigger.  A TTS callout for a matching log line in the file.  The trigger happens to be defined as capturing part of the log line itself to be read through TTS.  If the log line has weird color formatting in it that gets saved in the log file, then I guess it gets read out.

    Whether you agree with me or not, I can't really help you.  No part of ACT will do this with an "option".  So it's either a vanilla custom trigger or a trigger-like thing in one of the plugins.
  • Man, you're fast.  :smiley:

    You're the designer of the program, I ain't gonna argue with ya over it.  I've just been over her triggers and plugin list several times and couldn't find it anywhere.  Guess I'm stuck with having to try reinstalling ACT.

    Mind giving an old man a reminder on what file(s) to backup so she doesn't lose her list of triggers?  She hoards them....
  • edited July 2019
    If you paste %APPDATA%\Advanced Combat Tracker\Config into Explorer, it will bring you to where configurations are stored.  Advanced Combat Tracker.config.xml belongs to the main program and will store vanilla custom triggers.  If you open it as a text file, there is a <CustomTriggers> section.
    You can export vanilla custom triggers from within ACT.
    Reinstalling ACT won't have much of an effect unless you tell the uninstaller to delete the above folder.  You could manually delete the config file and achieve the same effect.
  • Thank you, Kind Sir.
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