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ACT will not load


I recently reseted my pc and installed WIN 10 PRO since than I can´t load ACT anymore everytime I try to start it a error message pops up and says The type initializer "System.MarvinHash" has caused an expection. ACT`s error log will contain debugging information.

That´s the new failure I had also a problem with installing the Overlay plugin cause my NETFramework wasnt right.

Please help I don´t know what to do anymore.

Sincerely Rhicuun Kandaro


  • It's the first time I've seen a message mentioning that namespace, but I think it's an overly specific thing to search for.  Regardless, everything I have read regarding it suggests that the .NET Framework was corrupted and reinstalling it could solve your issue.

    I would try uninstalling any version you are able to and reinstall it cleanly.  Maybe even a slightly different version than you attempted earlier.  Like 4.7.2 instead of 4.7 or visa-verse.  It's possible that sfc /scannow could have the .NET Framework in its catalogue of files, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  Even so, it's something else to try if you have no other alternative.

  • Ok I gonna try it thanks for the fast reply

  • Ok funny thing, when I uninstall and reinstall ACT it works for the first launch but in the Startup Wizard ACT couldnt find FFXIV plugin... on second launch the same error as before appeared. I reinstalled the .NETFramework but it didnt worked. Sorry for keeping you busy.

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