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FFXIV Custom Triggers Deselecting

I looked for a fix here in the forums for as long as I could stand and did not find anything but, maybe I am just that dumb. Every category box unchecks it self every time I zone (including party wipe/death) or I close/open ACT. This is not a "Restrict to Catergory Zone" box issue that has always been unchecked for all. This has been going on for some time but, I just quit using it as a solution. Now I need it for a couple of things and It is getting annoying. Any ideas of how to fix this?


  • edited December 2020
    Those checkboxes do nothing on their own...  that's why their state doesn't matter.  You're expecting a problem where there is nothing.

    The custom triggers are green when enabled.  That's all you have to care about.

    The problem is that these checkboxes are not tri-state(cannot have a gray/indeterminate state) and they cannot be hidden.  So the have to exist and there's a large chance they won't reflect their children, so no attempt is made to make them match.

    Categories are for organization and have absolutely no settings for themselves, such as being enabled or not.

  • edited December 2020
    This issue was seemingly resolved on Discord. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
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