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Custom Triggers benchmark help

Hi there, I just joined and I already have a question. LOL, I'm using ACT playing EQ2. While zoning a pop-up box ACT asked me to benchmark triggers or not. I click on benchmark and it brought up the ACT Custom Trigger Benchmark page. On the top left side, it says "Select an encounter with log text to benchmark with...", then on the bottom right corner it says "Perform benchmarking"
I really don't know what to do and what does all this thing means? Please, I'd appreciate your help. Thank you.


  • Getting the popup has the strong assumption that you use Custom Triggers.  They'll be visible in the Custom Triggers tab.  You can show the benchmark window manually by using a button in that tab, located in the upper-right. 

    It's strange that you'd get the pop-up during zoning... did you perhaps switch out of the game for a moment and ACT used that opportunity to show the dialog?  Anyways, ACT detected that Custom Trigger parsing couldn't keep up for 10+ seconds, so it offered a benchmark tool to see which Custom Triggers might be the worst offenders in terms of performance.

    The benchmark screen wants you to pick an encounter that was recorded that session.  The longer/more complex the encounter, the more accurate benchmarking will be.  In the end, it will only show you which are the worst... not how to fix them.  That would have to be another discussion.
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