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ACT Freezing After Dungeons in FFXIV

Hey there, this is my first post here but I'm going to give as much detail as I can here.

To start off, I will state that I have recently reinstalled Windows on my pc and with that I decided to format all of my drives to get rid of all the clutter. I didn't back up anything with ACT because I wanted to just do a fresh reinstall on everything. 

I went through the process of setting up ACT as advised through the 2020 video I originally used by Deseperius FFXIV, got everything set up, made all the exceptions, everything advised in the video. I also used the custom Kagerou setup he uses and then set my own background as I had before I formatted.

Now to explain what's happening to the best extent I can: When I finish a dungeon, doesn't matter which one, the parser UI freezes and the entirety of ACT can't even be interacted with. I can't open the application, even tried going all the way to desktop and seeing if it was just hiding for some reason, but no dice. I have no clue what's happening and it never happened before and I've yet to find a fix for this anywhere. 

Any help would be appreciated, thank you. 

EDIT: I will also note that I CAN close the application by forcing it to close through the task manager, but I have to reopen it every time I go into a new instance. To add to that, sometimes it gets stuck closing for a minute or more and just has the "exiting act" bar in the middle of my screen completely stuck and unable to be interacted with. 


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    I hate to paint everything with the same brush, but everyone that I think knows anything about the topic says without reservation that setup videos are universally bad.  A lot of the plugin authors have made setup very easy to do and usually the videos completely ignore the effort they went to and tell people to manually install things.

    Take the setup guide linked at the top of every forum page... it hasn't been updated for over a year, but it's more current than the videos I have watched.  (Even though there is one small part that is outdated about it)

    Feel free to compare it to your video if you want to know the differences.  Is it the cause of your issue?  No idea.  I haven't heard anyone recently describe something like this.  If there was something like this, it's been so long that I'm having trouble remembering specifics.
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