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Saving and viewing a fight later on....

Hi folks. This is probably a basic question but I can't figure it out 8/

I am using ACT in EQ2.

After a fight, how can I save a file or whatever for that fight and open it later to see the info again later on...assuming that's possible.

Many thanks in advance


    1. Select the fight in the Main tab
      • If you want multiple fights in one file, click Show Checkboxes on the lower left, then check multiple fights
    2. Go to the Import/Export tab, Export to an *.act file page
    3. Click Export ACT File...
    4. Choose the filename/location

    1. Go to the Import/Export tab, Import an *.act File page
    2. Click Import ACT File...
    3. Choose the ACT file you already saved

    If you want a slower method for any past encounter, I recommend using the History Database tab.  As long as you haven't deleted your eq2logs, it should be able to import anything ACT has recorded since installation.  It just takes a bit more time because it has to re-parse the game's log format.
  • Thank you. I've been trying that but I still don't understand #3 in the 2nd section. I imported an ACT file but how do I "Choose the ACT file you already saved" and use it? I see the file in the status section of the import/export tab. Thanks
  • #1 is going to the page in the GUI.  #2 is clicking a button.  You shouldn't have clicked any buttons before step #2.  So it's impossible to have imported an ACT file before step #2.

    The import and export pages are not the same.

    Just walk through things slowly and don't assume steps if you're getting confused.  After it says the file is imported, it will have added things to the Main tab near the top of the listings.
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