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Exporting to Excel, Batch Importing

First, I wanted to thank the creators for such a fantastic program.  You literally make the game (FFXIV) more enjoyable for me.

  1. Might there be a way to export parsed data into an excel or .csv format? If not, can that eventually be added as a feature?
  2. Is it possible to import multiple .act files at once?  I am having to import each file one at a time if I want to compare different battle data.  Sometimes, that is 15+ files.

Thanks so much for your time in advance.  Again, much appreciation for all the work you already do.


  • edited March 26
    You can right-click any Main tab table and Copy as CSV... then the paste wizard in Excel should manage the rest easily enough.  If you select 0-1 rows, the entire table will be used.  If you select multiple rows, only those rows will be in the export.

    I never really thought about multiple ACT files at once.  Usually when I wanted them imported all as a whole, I would save multiple encounters into a single ACT file.  But I guess if you're constantly adding new encounters, you'd be overwriting that batch ACT file a lot. 

    If you didn't know you could save multiple encounters to a single file, use the Show Checkboxes (checkbox) on the Main tab.  I suppose you could merge the files outside of ACT, but it wouldn't be easier than using ACT to do it as it takes some manual XML editing.  (ACT files are GZipped XML)
  • The Copy as CSV worked fantastically!  I had tried it before, but did not think to use the paste wizard to organize the data properly.

    In regards to merging the data, I was hoping for a batch import option because it would be easier to monitor my improvement/decline across different times in the same instanced dungeons.  So, I would import my runs from different months on the same job and compare to see if I was actually getting better at that dungeon.
    But, now that I know how to work the .CSV export, I can export and then sort as needed to track the same information.

    Thank you so much for the quick response and pristine advice!
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