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Double Attack

Anyone know how to track double attack percentage in EQ2?


  • Right-click a combatant's name in the left TreeView and select Special Attacks Report.  The Proc Chance column will tell you how often it happened compared to a normal attack.
  • Thanks, I see that but I don't see double attack on the left, only flurry or multi and sometimes that proc chance reads 200% or 500%. If that is it, how do you read that? It can't proc 5 times more than my single attack?
  • Multi-attack is the same as double-attack.  If your character's double-attack is over +100%, you will sometimes triple attack... so it's all called multi-attack.  This is what the game logs call it.  Any UI elements that still say double-attack are outdated by like 5-7 years.

    You also have to understand which table you're looking at.  Separate, Per Attack Type and Per Special Type are different tables and must be examined differently.  If your crush attack has aoe+multi+flurry, each one will have a maximum of 100%, but combined in the next table could be up to 300% because it covers 3 chances.

    Extra to Normal is not the same as Proc Chance, just to throw that in.
  • Okay thank you!
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