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How do I make case-insensitive regexes?

Normally I'd use /regex/i but ACT's regex field assumes surrounding forward slashes, so writing /regex/i would be interpreted as //regex/i/.


  • .NET just doesn't use that way of constructing regular expressions at all.  If you need to make a global modifier, it's changed in the constructor of the regular expression class rather than being part of the string. 

    Like 10 years ago, it was a huge performance hit to enable to the point that it seemed like a bug, so I did not use it.

    For now, I'd suggest using the in-line mode modifier (?i) which can be ended with (?-i) but is optional.  If you want the entire line to be case insensitive, just put it at the beginning.  It seems safe to put the modifier before or after ^.
  • That's strange it would do that.

    Thanks for the answer.

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