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No new log files being made after working earlier this week

I had this working perfectly just this week but when i tried to parse today for our static, ACT is refusing to make any log files of things i actually want logged. I had it open the entire raid we did and got nothing, but then it randomly decided to make one for a pug i did. I tried again in a roulette and it didn't make it, but once i got it there was a random log file with basically no info in it. I have no idea what it's trying to do and i've looked over every setting that effects the logging and nothing has changed.



  • Bit of an update as i'm still not sure what's going on. There was a single log file in the folder that sat there for like 3 things, and just kept getting bigger, but finally actually logged something in the dungeon run i was doing

  • I've never played FFXIV, so my troubleshooting advice is limited to problems others have reported and resolved without me. I'm not sure I understand your problem as written, so there's not much I can do to help.

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