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Streaming FFXIV with ACT plugin

Hi there. I am new to streaming and would like to stream FFXIV. However, I use ACT mainly for callouts via Triggernometry and I think this could get quite annoying for viewers, therefore, I was wondering if there's a way to choose which audio channel these callouts go to and aren't detected on stream. I use a Virtual Audio Cable as my Discord output when I or others don't want voice chat to be heard on stream.




    The above only works if another plugin is not handling ACT's sound.  If that's the case, that plugin must manage the output device.

  • Ah. Okay then. So I need to find out if Triggernometary is able to broadcaster using a specific audio device.

  • If another plugin uses ACT to make sound, that's fine... but if that plugin replaces ACT's sound engine... then you would have to check with that plugin.

    You can find out if another plugin is doing this by looking at ACT's sound settings...

    If Plugin Sound is selected, a plugin is replacing ACT's sound engine... just like the plugin I linked to above.
  • Ah. All of those are set as None and I am using Windows API.

  • Well, put the SlimDX plugin early in your load order and try it out.  It will either work or not.

  • Ok. I have moved SlimDX plugin to the top of my plugins list and my sound settings window now looks like the image you linked. I haven't yet tried streaming to see if this works, however, given that there is now a SlimDX Audio under Sound Settings I have a feeling this will work.

  • edited April 2020

    Unfortunately, I can still hear my Triggernometary callouts wen I playback my stream.

  • I mentioned this before, but you cannot allow other plugins to use their own sound engine if you want SlimDX to work.

  • I already have those options ticked

  • Then you'll have to take it up with the author of Triggernometry.  To make that screenshot was the first time I've used it.  I cannot provide support for it.

  • ok. Thanks for your help.

  • edited June 2020

    Sorry for the late reply.  If you have other cables like Cable A and B you can set one of these to be your audio output for ACT by changing it in Windows sound settings so that ACT goes to one of those, that way only you then get to hear it and not your viewers (as long as you don't then tell your streaming app to pick up those channels too!)  They're quite cheap to purchase from the same site as the virtual audio cable site and you'll find them useful to have so they're worth the cost.

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