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Auto attack plugin

Seems to not do audible since Win 10 1803 or is it just me ?



  • It should be using ACT's sound system... unless you're using one of the built-in Windows sounds.  Using those uses the System Sounds volume in the Windows Mixer as ACT can't control those sounds.

    I've noticed that the "Question" sound is silent now.
  • edited August 2018
    Mine is set to Beep and have been for always, which is what stopped working w win 1803 - where they added the option to route different apps to different sound systems - speaker, headset etc.

    Ill play around a little with it and see what i find. just changed it to a windows wav file instead and see how it works
  • When ACT does one of those sounds like "Beep", it's actually asking Windows to play the sound on its behalf.  Which means it plays as the "System Sounds" source and will follow those settings instead of whatever ACT is set to using the Windows Volume Mixer, etc.  IE, you could mute ACT in the volume mixer and these sounds would still play.  But it also means that if you set ACT to run on a specific sound device, it will be ignored for these sounds.
  • Got it. 
    Configured ACT to use a wav file instead, however im still not hearing any audibles from ACT - the counters do go up so its not like the plugin is broken or anything. 

    ACT is routed to my headset using the sound settings->app volume and device preferences setup of windows 10

  • I don't see anything particularly wrong with that setup, but if you can't get it to work... you can try an audio plugin for ACT to select the audio device.

    If you choose an audio device in this plugin, it will override whatever Windows has selected.  At least in my testing.

  • Gonna try to reset to default on the routing of audio first, just to verify that its a audio vs. act thing ill keep you posted.
  • so with default routing to default device for act (which is my headset) the autoattack plugin still dont produce any audible output. would appear without looking into it further that its the plugin itself thats causing the issue
  • The plugin either uses Windows to make default sounds, or uses ACT's current sound engine to play WAVs/TTS.  The AutoAttack plugin is irrelevant here.

    That's why I suggested changing ACT's sound engine with the plugin above.  The idea that the AutoAttack plugin does not make any sound means that ACT itself does not.
  • all triggers produce sound which was why i was focusing on the plugin. as far as i can tell its only the autoattack sound thats missing other plugins do produce sound - like ascension plugin, detrimentcall etc. 
  • edited August 2018
    Just realized - for some reason  - that the autoattack plugin dont retain selection of sound ? ie. it always reverts back to the system beep, is that me ? or ?
    Disregard, figure it out ... lol 
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