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1 trigger for multiple timers

So i somewhat remember or seem to remember there was someone posting on the old flames forum how to "hack" a trigger to be able to create multiple triggers back in the day to track immunities and stuff like that.. However i cant seem to find any info using dr. google so here goes

What i want is being able to modify the timer name triggered by a trigger, by transfering the result of a capture group to the timer so that in essence it creates a unique timer for each occurence... something along the line of triggering of "blabla blabla (?<attacker>\w+) yadayada" and having the timer it starts using the capture group for its name

Am i totally of my socks in thinking ive seen this logic done, and if i am... can i be added? :)


  • Timers by default are sensitive to the source of the spell.  If a spell appears to be coming from multiple sources at once, it will rename the entry in the timer window.  If a custom trigger is used and supplies a capture group for the attacker, as you said, it will work the same way.  A timer is rarely used for multiple mobs at once, so usually it will not show the attacker's name.  It only does so when there are two timers active for the same spell from two sources.

    That said, the Detriment Call Macro plugin would be better for tracking many occurrences of a trigger/skill, if you don't have an actual need for timing every instance.

    I resurrected a thread about it here:

  • indeed we have that exact need .... can you supply an example of the trigger modifying the timer name ? im a tad confused i think
  • Your example is already exactly it. When there are two timers with different sources, they will get renamed.
  • ill have to play with it, cant wrpa my head around how it works. is it automagic by the capture group being added to the name of the trigger ? if the timer is called "heyho" it will automatitally add the capture to the timer ? im sorry for being daft but i cant figure it out 

    guess ill have to play with it
  • nm figured it out! Thanks!!!
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