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EQ2 how to send player name / npc name to timer window

Been searching and sadly not found any answer :(

I want to create a trigger, that in turn stats a timer. In the timer, i would like to display additional information, such as which player trigger it and against which target. Is there a way to do this?



  • The spell timer GUI will only show a spell's source, and only if there is more than one source active.  The spell timer name will have a prefix in this case.  Normally a spell timer will be given an "attacker" and "victim" variable, but as I said, only the "attacker" would ever be visible.  If a trigger has a named capture group named "attacker", the spell timer will consider this.  Other captured variables can be used in TTS such as "${victim}".
  • Thanks,
    I've tested using (?<attacker>\w+)('s) and it correctly fetches the text into this named group, but it is not visible in the timer window. I assume, since you said this will only work if more than 1 of the same timer is active at a time.
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