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EQ2 CurseCure Plugin

I know it is possible to have ACT monitor CURSE curse separate from all other cures.  I had someone show me how to add it MANY years ago, but after several new computers and hard drive wipes, I have lost it.  I recently loaded the CurseView plugin and restarted ACT but cannot see how to add this column to the Encounter.  I'm an ACT newbie so a little help would be appreciated.


  • Download the following file: CureCurseCol.cs
    Put it someplace safe, and load it as a plugin in ACT.
  • edited January 8
    Wow, that was a fast reply!

    Is there a way to add it to the mini parse window now that it shows in the encounter options?

    Remember, I'm a newbie :)
  • Ctrl-S should work to download.  Notepad works too.
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